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400 pages

I, Robot, To Protect

Creator: Mickey Reichert | Fiction - 2011-11-01

“According to his mother, he had a brilliant mind prior to his illness, which means he might understand a schematic. On the other hand, he was a prelaw student. That's not usually the realm of the bomb-building types.

Publisher: Roc

About this book
First in an all-new trilogy inspired by Isaac Asimov's legendary science fiction collection "I, Robot." 2035: Susan Calvin is beginning her residency at a Manhattan teaching hospital, where a select group of patients is receiving the latest in diagnostic advancements: tiny nanobots, injected into the spinal fluid, that can unlock and map the human mind. Soon, Susan begins to notice an ominous chain of events surrounding the patients. When she tries to alert her superiors, she is ignored by those who want to keep the project far from any scrutiny for the sake of their own agenda. But what no one knows is that the very technology to which they have given life is now under the control of those who seek to spread only death...

408 pages

I, Robot

Creator: Howard S. Smith | Fiction - 2008-09

A schematic map of the ship. The main deck was Floor 4. Haruto quietly climbed the stairs to look for the ship theatre that so impressed the wharfmaster. Finding it was not difficult. On the fifth floor, Haruto found himself in an empty ...

Publisher: Robot Binaries & Pr Corp

About this book
In a near future overshadowed by an escalating threat between North Korea and Japan, Tokyo Police Inspector Suzuki Haruto uncovers evidence of an arms deal between Japan and Israel-a group of Japanese military robots in return for Israeli nuclear weapons and the knowledge behind their testing. Haruto is a humanized robot who must follow his rigid internal code of behavior while at the same time preventing an international disaster and falling in love....

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Technology & Engineering - 2005

You can purchase kits or download free schematics, parts lists, and software for the OSMC boards from ... Targeting consumers, iRobot has shipped more than 1.2 million Roomba mobile robots for automated home vacuuming.

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I, Robot (2004) - IMDb
Directed by Alex Proyas. With Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Alan Tudyk. In 2035 a technophobic cop investigates a crime that may have been perpetrated by a robot ...

I, Robot (film) - Wikiquote
Asthmatic Woman: [After Spooner "arrests" her robot] You... [inhales with her inhaler] are an asshole. Detective Del Spooner: Ma'am, is that your purse?

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Electronics service manual exchange : schematics,datasheets,diagrams,repairs,schema,service manuals,eeprom bins,pcb as well as service mode entry, make to model and ...

Dr. Alfred Lanning (Character) - Quotes
I, Robot (2004) Detective Del Spooner: Is there a problem with the Three Laws? Dr. Alfred Lanning: The Three Laws are perfect. Detective Del Spooner: Then why would ...

Holy Scrap: iRobot Scooba Hacks
Shortly after we moved to New Mexico iRobot started making robots that could mop floors. This seemed like a great idea to us since we always seem to have dust blowing ...


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