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The Guide to Robotic Vacuum Cleaners, Vacuum Your Floors Automatically

Creator: Paul R. Wonning | House & Home -

You may spray it with floor cleaner before mopping. Used dry, the micro fiber pad will also perform buffing and scrubbing operations. bObsweep robot vacuum cleaner will run until its battery falls below 15%. It will then return to the charging  ...

Publisher: Mossy Feet Books

265 pages

Human Robot Interaction Through Semantic Integration of Multiple Modalities, Dialog Management, and Contexts


<lessonplan> <text> Task: Clean the kitchen daily Steps: Wipe down the sink after loading the dishwasher Wipe down the stove top Wipe down the counters Vacuum the floor Answers: Load the dishwasher with nothing Wipe down the sink  ...

Publisher: ProQuest

3288 pages

Textbook of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery

Creator: Andres M. Lozano, Philip L. Gildenberg, Ronald R. Tasker | Medical - 2009-06-22

There may be a number of environmental variables, with significant increase in the complexity of the robot program. ... Another example of complex feedback being integrated into the robotic program is a robotic floor sweeper, which may have ...

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

About this book
This volume covers stereotactic principles and functional stereotaxis. Amongst the stereotactic principles are discussions of frame-based and frameless systems of stereotaxis, image guidance stereotaxis, atlases and the technical aspects of radiosurgery. Within functional neurosurgery, disorders covered include the diagnosis and management of pain, epilepsy, movement disorders and the rediscovered field of surgery for psychiatric disorders.

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Roomba Robot Vacuum | iRobot
At the touch of a button, Roomba can be your new robotic vacuum cleaner. With easy automation and multi-room navigation, it's the best vacuum for your floors.

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Ride-on sweepers, Sit-on sweepers - All industrial ...
A ride-on sweeper is an industrial floor-cleaning machine which removes dirt and solid debris using rotary brushes, reproducing the sweeping action of a broom.

Pulito – Featuring DFlex | PlastiBots
The idea behind the design is a robot that can autonomously navigate a room dragging a cloth around which picks up dust, hair etc while avoiding obstacles and ...


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    Intelligent Smart Cleaner,Robotic Vacuum Floor Cleaner,Tile Floor,Hardwood Floor,Marble Floor Automatic Care Tools,High Power Robot Sweeper with Powerful Suction,Household Wireless Robot Cleaner White

    Home (EVERTOP)

    Rating (54 reviews):

    Helps us keep up with the pet fur...

    4/5 LizzieJ (Virginia, USA) - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Intelligent Smart Cleaner,Robotic Vacuum Floor Cleaner,Tile Floor,Hardwood Floor,Marble Floor Automatic Care Tools,High Power Robot Sweeper with Powerful Suction,Household Wireless Robot Cleaner White (Kitchen) I have two dogs, one that sheds heavily, and never seemed to keep up with the amount of fur falling on the hardwood floor, no matter how frequently I vacuumed or swept. When I saw that some brands of these robotic vacuums were hitting about the $120 range, it was time to try 'em. Put this little baby on the floor and let it run for 20 minutes...I was amazed how much fur it picked up. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews&nbsp; Was this review helpful to you?&nbsp;, October 21, 2016

    but still-- very nice! Only trouble is it gets stuck trying to ...

    4/5 mahina - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Automatic Smart Home or Office Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner,Intelligent Household Sweeper for Pet Hair/dirt/Daily Dust Removal,Powerful Suction Robot Cleaner White (Kitchen) After about a half hour charging, the device cleaned the floors throughout my house in about an hour. Small house, smooth floors, but still-- very nice! Only trouble is it gets stuck trying to get under a few things (the refrigerator, the sofa) so I had to manually remove it. I had swept the floors yesterday, and still a very large wad of dirt and dust was collected in the cup. Easy to dump and rinse-- I did it outside with the gardenhose. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews&nbsp; Was this review helpful to you?&nbsp;, July 22, 2016


    5/5 msaumell - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Intelligent Smart Cleaner,Robotic Vacuum Floor Cleaner,Tile Floor,Hardwood Floor,Marble Floor Automatic Care Tools,High Power Robot Sweeper with Powerful Suction,Household Wireless Robot Cleaner White (Kitchen) Love this item! I have a cocker spaniel that sheds like crazy. Run this once a day and it gets up most of her hair. Just got it, so I've only used it twice, but it's doing an awesome job so far! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews&nbsp; Was this review helpful to you?&nbsp;, November 8, 2016
    List Price: $126.68
    Working on Hardwood floor, tiles floor,marbles and granite floor. Anti-fall function to protect itself from 1.97inch above height
    Please kindly clean the filter often in order to keep good filtration performance.You can purchase these pare parts if you need to exchange them: Filter-B01J762WMQ Side brush-B01J1H7KV4
    Cliff sensor - Cliff sensor detects stairs to avoid falling down. With the help of cliff sensors, it will not fall over stairs. Easy to carry or move it with its handle. Separate dust box design, easy to dump the dust
    Two sides corner brush,higher efficiency in cleaning. When the brush should be replaced? It depends on the environment that your cleaner cleans. For environments with a lot of dust or short hair, you should check and clean every time you use in order to avoid any short hair stuck in the brushes or stuck in the connection part between brush and cleaner.t is better to replace the brushes every 1-2 months.
    Clearly to show its power capacity percentage and balance time during working.The infrared induction function for wall or furniture to turn direction in advance

  • RolliBot

    ROLLIBOT BL618- Quiet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Vacuum's, Sweeps, Mops with UV Light Sterilization for Hardwood, Tile, and Linoleum.

    BISS (RolliBot)
    List Price: $194.54

    HEPA AIR FILTER- The floor cleaning robot removes allergy causing pet hair, dust particles, pollen, and dander to create a cleaner breathing environment.
    WASHABLE DUSTBIN & BRUSH - for easy cleanup. Simply dump, brush, rinse, and repeat to maintain your automatic vacuum cleaner.
    SUPER QUIET INTELLIGENT CLEANING - Using 10 sensors and 4 intelligent cleaning modes, the robot floor cleaner locates all types of messes and avoids objects.
    SWEEP, MOP, VACUUM, & UV STERILIZATION - The Cleaning Robot conquers all messes
    WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL - Configure the Rollibot to schedule cleaning, start, stop, steer, switch cleaning modes.


    O-Cedar O-Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner

    List Price: $47.99

    Is a floor duster, NOT a vacuum
    Uses a disposable electrostatic cleaning cloth to capture dust and hair
    Refills available on Amazon
    Offers 2 cleaning programs: short (30 minutes) and long (120 minutes)
    Changes direction when objects and walls are detected

  • RoboMop

    RoboMop SoftBase Robotic Floor Sweeper

    Home (RoboMop)
    List Price: $28.99
    Price: $18.99
    You Save: $10.00 (34%)

    The soft base design allows for even better access to corners
    RoboMop dustmops your floors so you don't have to
    Uses non woven electrostatic pads that reduces swirling dust
    Gentle to furniture- soft frame makes impact as gentle as possible


    ECOVACS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mop and Water Tank - Automatic Floor Cleaning Robot, DEEBOT N78

    List Price: $329.00

    Automatic docking, automatic charging and automatic daily cleaning require little human intervention. (NB: May require intervention if charging dock is in a different room)
    Powerful, tangle-free suction picks up hair, debris and dirt easily and efficiently. Perfect for households with pets.
    Smart infrared sensors help automatic vacuum DN78 avoid stairs and furniture as it easily transitions between floor types, climbs inclines and crosses door sills up to 16mm.
    Easy to move with a practical top handle.
    Multiple cleaning modes (Auto / Spot / Edge) with an optional mopping system so you can sweep and vacuum your floors in a single pass! (With additional wet mop for smaller spaces)

  • Pyle

    Pyle Pure Clean PUCRC15 Smart Robot Automatic Vacuum Floor Cleaner

    Home (Pyle)
    List Price: $99.99

    Built-in Rechargeable Battery for Wireless Operation, Includes Charging Cable
    Easy Disposal Garbage Collection Tray - Secondary Spinning Side Brush Lifts Debris
    Multi-Floor Surface Cleaning: Works on Hardwood, Linoleum, Tile, Low/Hard Carpet Floors - Not Designed for Thick or Shag Carpets
    Low-Profile Design Slides Underneath Furniture & Cleans Around Obstacles
    Clean, Sweep & Dust - Versatile & Convenient Robot Floor Clean Ability Self-Programmed Cleaning Path Navigation - Automatic 'Bag-less' Operation


    Floor Mopping Robot Pet Hair Robotic Cleaner with Replacement Cleaning Mop Cloth (Blue)

    Home (FINE DRAGON)
    List Price: $69.99

    Replaceable Cleaning Cloth: Easy to Change Cleaning Cloth. Replaceable and reusable Cleaning Cloth,Attaches Easily to Base for All Hard Floor: Wood, Marble, Cement, Ceramic Tile.
    Charging Protection: Built-in 3.6V,NI-CD,800mAh Rechargeable Power Battery with Micro Controller ,Overcharge and Overdischarge Protection .Full Charging Time is 3 Hours for About 100 Minutes Working Time.
    Hair Pickup Sweeping : Automatic Robotic Mop Sweeping with Low Noise Mute Technology . Excellent for All Kinds of Pet Hair and Dust Pick up. Attracts and Retains Hair,Fluffs and the Finest Dust .
    Autonomous Navigation System: Change Direction Automatically When Detects Objects and Walls to Proceed to Next Place.Self Rotation Cleaning Power Enhances Cleaning Performance. It sweeps the floor while you are away or you can do something other when it works for you. Save a lot of time for you.
    Cute and Ultra Slim Design: Ultra Slim with Cute and Pretty Pattern Compact Design Make It Can Sweep Under the Furniture of Height 66 mm . Flexible Base. Especially Designed to Reach Corners and Along the Walls.


    ECOVACS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets and Floors - Automatic Robot Cleaning, DEEBOT M82

    List Price: $349.98

    Powerful motor with Max Mode picks up debris, dust and dirt easily and efficiently.
    Easy-to-handle, extra large dustbin means more cleaning and less emptying.
    An automatic vacuum: Automatically docks and recharges; programmable scheduling; less human intervention. Accessory Kit is now available on!
    Main brush design is perfect for deep cleaning on carpets.
    Optimized lithium battery provides up to 150 minutes of cleaning time.

  • iRobot

    iRobot Braava 380t Mopping Robot - Robotic Mop,Black

    Home (iRobot)
    List Price: $299.00

    Turbo Charge Cradle recharges Braava in just two hours
    A hassle-free cleaning option, Braava uses dry or damp cloths to mop hard-surface floors for you, keeping dust, daily dirt and smudges under control automatically
    Choose from two modes - dry sweeping or damp mopping
    Braava uses either dry or damp disposable cleaning cloths, including Swiffer brand or Braava's specially designed microfiber cloths. These microfiber cloths can be reused hundreds of times
    Reusable microfiber cleaning cloths included - one dry sweeping cloth and one damp mopping cloth
    Northstar Navigation works like an indoor GPS to clean until the job is done
    Keep Daily Dirt In Check. Dry Mop Mode and Damp Mop Mode
    Braava will clean your floors for you without disrupting your daily activity or sleep.
    Use with disposable or microfiber cleaning cloths to pick up daily dirt, dust and hair
    Braava 380t charges in just two hours with the Turbo Charge Cradle.


    FINE DRAGON Robot Sweeper Automatic Floor Cleaning Robot Sweeping Robotic Machine with Portable Handle (Blue)

    Home (FINE DRAGON)
    List Price: $199.99

    It can only work on hard flat floor such as hardwood floor, tiles, marble and can not work on carpet. Also it can't climb over the gaps or slope between the different floor types.
    Portable handle & Slim Design: Fashion and pretty appearance with portable handle convenient and easy to carry or move. The ultra slim design make it can clean the rubbish or dust under furniture of height of 66mm.
    Infrared induction: Infrared induction to wall and furniture and turn direction in advance. But it without cliff sensor so it can not detect the stepdown stair!
    Robotic cleaning and easy using : Motorized automatic sweeping and cleaning with low noise mute technology. Ideal for pet hair,dirt,debris,ashes and more.
    Versatile & high clean ability : With powerful dual rotating brush, its clearing efficiency is up to 95%.